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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Al Al Al Alcohol

I was recently reading an article.  There were 3 things that I could do that would have a positive impact on my ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant.  They wouldn’t cost me any money and in fact might save me some money, so of course I was willing to try them!

1. Stop Smoking.
This was easy, I was not a smoker.

2. Stop drinking alcohol.
"While some studies show that 1-2 glasses of red wine may be beneficial to cardiovascular health, the jury is still out on “safe” levels during conception. In pregnancy as few as 3 drinks a week is associated with higher rates of miscarriage. The message here is to behave as if you are pregnant even while you are trying. Practice makes perfect!"
Now this was one thing I do enjoy every few nights or week.  But after reading this I decided it was time to make the commitment.  No Alcohol.... Not even a sip.

3. Decrease your caffeine intake.
This means Pop, Coffee, Tea.. you name it.  Most if not all of these items have caffeine in them.  Wow this is going to be hard.

We can’t always control the age at which we try to conceive. Life unfolds, things happen and there are reasons why some of us start trying later rather than sooner. We may not be able to control our baseline reproductive potential but we can control the substances that we expose our bodies, our eggs, sperm, and embryos to. So I am going to take control!

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