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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's here.. it's here!!! The package has arrived!!

It's amazing how excited one can get when a package arrives with their name of it.  Watching the FedEx truck pull up... and then it started, the flip flops of my stomach, the build of of excitement.  This package held much more important things than I could ever imagine.  It could possibly hold the key piece to this puzzle we've been stuck in.

I rip open the top of the box and behold. Meds meds and more meds. 

I'm still on this waiting game.  I have to wait till Friday to see if "Aunt Flow" comes.  If not then it's a repeat  of trying to find time to drive to the doctors office before the holidays, have bloodwork and an ultrasounds before I can even get to the Provera.  Provea helps bring on my period since I have not been getting it on my own.

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