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Monday, April 25, 2011

The rumors are true!!!

We try every medication we can, we take every test the doctors want us to, we re-arrange so many days to make to {short/long} trips to ours appointments, we experience procedures you never even knew existed, we spend hundreds of dollars on things that may not even work, we get poked and prodded, we have heartbreak and joy... but we would do it over & over again for one miracle and precious outcome. Pregnancy.

Please join me and learn more about infertility.  Support the Woman who go through it, and promote treatments.  Yesterday marked the start of National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24th - 30th).

I also wanted to take this special moment to let you know, we are Pregnant!!!  I got the call from my Doctors office at 1:43 p.m. today.  They confirmed with my blood work, my hCG was 93 and my Progesterone was 13.  Since we had 6 Mature follicles, we will continue to monitor my levels the rest of the week.  I am soooo anzious to see how many were fertilized.
I felt the symptoms, and I felt it in my heart.  I knew I was pregnant, but was still scared.  I could hardly wait, and waited as long as I could, but I did break down and take 2 at home pregnancy tests this weekend.  1 on Saturday, and another on Sunday.  They both said... Pregnant!!! 

I seriously wanted to keep them, but apparently they die overnight! :( Boooooo

I read about false pregnancies online because of the medications I am on, so I still waited on today's appointment.  Can you believe it!!!!  It's true!  My 1st (and 2nd) IUI and I'm pregnant.  Must of been those super sperms my hubby had!!!


  1. Oh Kait!! how exciting for you!!! Congratulations to you and Joe!

  2. wow, CONGRATS!!! i am so happy for you!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, congratulations! I know how badly you wanted this and I am so excited for you! I had a feeling this was going to be your month! Praying for a very happy and healthy pregnancy for you! :)

    Isn't it weird how you just kind of "know" you're pregnant even before you test? I had that same gut feeling before I tested, but it's still shocking to see a positive result!

  4. omg Kait!!! sooo happy for you and the hubby! congrats!!! one of my best friends went through the same thing and she is now 17 weeks pregnant! she also says she will do it all over again if she had to!

    i wish you and Joe all the best and happy healthy 9 months!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow, with 6 follicles I have a feeling you might have more than one growing in there!!

  6. AHHHH Kait!!! I'm so happy for you and Joe!!! How awesome!!! Hope you have a wonderful and healthy pregnancy!!!

  7. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you guys!


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