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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PCOS, Infertility, and Chlomid oh my!

Wanting a child but not being able to just go "make one" can be very frustrating. You can have moments of doubt, where you feel like your being punished, and even worse moments of confusion. The tide washes over you and makes you feel as though your in a rip currant. Stuck. Just waiting for something to pull you out.

I have been wanting a child for as long as I can remember. I have always know it's best to wait until your ready too. I met my Husband in the Summer of 2004 and we were married December 5th last year. We had to "Sow some wild oats" before making the comitment. We decided we wanted to try to start a family just before the wedding. And here we are over 7 months later. Still nothing.

I have know about my PCSO for a long time now. I always had an irregular period. I wasn't acturally diagnoised until right before I met my husband. I was given a handout for more information and told to see a specialist to take control of the symptoms. I didn't know then what I Know now... PCOS can cause infertility in woman.

I have tried lots of tests to see what I can do to help with the infertility. My period doesn't like to come regularly so I had to take Progesterine in order to make me have them. My doctor decided it was time to try having Chlomid along with the Progesterine. So I recently was given a Rx for Chlomid. This is my first dose, so it's only 50mg. But I am hoping that it doesn't take many more rounds.

Wish us luck!


  1. Wow I had no idea you and your hubby were having such issues. It will happen when it is best for the two of you. God will take care of you guys and he knows what you want in your heart. Keep your head high honey! xo


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