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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skinnygirl Night Out

So I'm sure a few of you have watch the reality show "The Real Housewife's of New York".  If you haven't you have got to of seen Bethanny Frankel on her own reality show "Bethenny Getting Married", "Skating with the Stars", or seen one of her books.  Tonight she was having a gathering of women to share her books and gossip. 

Any excuse for a girls night with the Bestie, Adrienne is always good to me.    First we stopped at target in Joliet.  We always like to scope out new clearance section that have not already been picked through by us.  We scored some adorable matching brown gloves!!

We also stopped by a local book stores in hopes of being able to get a book which I could get autographed. It was too late, they brought all of the books to the Theater for the night.

So onward to the Rialto Square Theater.  After traumatically driving through the lowest parking garage ever made to man and being forced to go through all 3 floors twice, we wandered the streets to find some food.
While looking we did find some rather interesting store displays, and that's when I realized we were not in Kendall County anymore.

We ended up a cozy restaurant Thayer's before seeing Bethenny.  Please be warned you need a reservation, unless you don't mind eating at the bar.

While relaxing and filling up our tummy's we saw quite a few woman who appeared to think they were part of the "Housewife's of Joliet". Made me think, if you were offered a spot on a reality show, would you take it? What type of a show would it be about?

I had been to a wedding once at the Rialto Square Theater.  It is an amazing venue!

Special Thanks to the Officer who helped take our picture.
I was happy to find one of her books to purchase which I don't have.  Unfortunately I never was able to get it signed.  Maybe next time!!

It was fun to take pictures in front of the SkinnyGirl backdrop too.

The conversations were a good laugh. It ranged from "Shrimp Cocktails, which is a term for what your feet look like when you wear heels and your toes are hanging over the front of them," to "Here ya go.. It's the lace and lingerie. Stick it in" or "Wanting to have a pool party in her bathtub." And let me tell you we saw the proof!

If she ever comes to a town around you, I recommend seeing her in person. 

Or make the great excuse for a girls night out like we did.


  1. I just love Bethenney! I think that she is honest and genuine two traits that you rarely find these days. Thanks for sharing with us! :D



  2. Thanks for a great night out!!! :) I had an absolute blast, but that's no surprise ;)

  3. Really cute blog, Kait! I do love that yellow gown up there! It's missing some fabric, though. haha
    Sounds like a super fun night out!

  4. What fun!!! :) I'm so jealous!


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