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Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a Date Night

The hubby has been working in Indiana, which means being in the car over 3 hours a day.  Being in the construction industry always has it's down falls.  Once a week they have started staying in Cedar Lake to make the days not so long.  In the mean time I have a zoo at the house to take care of.  The house usually ends up looking a mess and i get to none of the "projects" I had planned. 

Joe came home on Friday just in time for date night!  Tonight's menu was a Turkey Cranberry Braid.  I made the new recipe from fellow blogger Kendall, you can get the recipe off her blog here.

It was a recipe originally from Pampered chef. I love their recipes because they always have you use utensils from them. Let me tell you I've got a lot of pampered chef kitchen utensils.

I made a few variations to the recipe.  I don't like Swiss cheese, so I used an Italian blend instead.  I also used the "southern style" Dijon mustard.  It turned out perfect.  I served it with a small tossed salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 

Date night was finished with the movie "The Social Network".  It was a good movie, and pretty amazing to think about how much money this kid who start facebook is worth now.


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