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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo Challenge Day Four

Day Four - A picture of your night.

There comes a point in your day when the sun goes away. The stars sometime will peak out from behind the city glow and the world seems calmer. The morning and afternoon rushes subside.

Tonight was injection number 2. You are supposed to switch the injection site, between 3 locations about 2 inches below your belly button each day. Today it was directly below about 2 inches. That feeling of the needle sliding in was intense. The first big sting followed by more stings as the medication slowly slipped through the needle tip and into my body.

How do you prepare yourself for this? How do you keep trying new medications and procedures which may not always have the outcome your looking for?

My Willow Tree is blooming tonight, and tonight I am reminded just how precious life is.  This week I have been minutes from 2 car accidents.  There was 2 fatal injuries in 1 accident that happen on Monday night.  Then this morning Route 47 seemed to stop for what felt like an eternity as medics tend to another accident. 
Why is is that bad things happen to good people?  Why do you get faced with the toughest decisons after already feeling like you've climbed a mountain? 

Sometimes there are people waiting for you at the top of that mountain and it's the start of something new.  Othertimes your making that climb alone and you soon realize you are only 1/2 way there.  It is those times I feel like you come out stronger than ever.  Tonight I pray that I am near the top of my Infertility Journey.  I know I still have many things to learn, but I am ready for what is next.


  1. sending some thoughs and prayers for you.

    one of my best friends went through the same thing ... she is now 8 weeks pregnant! it will happen for you too!

  2. Dear Kait,

    My sympathies for your pain and anguish. Injecting my wife was no fun at all. I wish you and your husband luck.

    Best always,

  3. Kit - you're never alone. No matter your journey, there are so many that love you and support you. You can't always see us or hear us - - but we are always here. Kylie and I love you so much....and you know, you can holla anytime day or night and we'd come runnin! Not to mention, your Heavenly Father is always walking with you. I find it so interesting that on the night of your injection you also witness "new life" - - the blossoming of your Willow Tree. :) God is speaking to you Kait and providing you glimmers of reassurance of his love for you and his wanting only to keep you safe, healthy and happy. He (as we all do) only want what is best for you. And God never fails us. Never. He always provides in abundance. He just does it in his perfect timing and not ours. :) Love you most!!! MUA! God Bless Sis!!


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