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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hubby turns 30 & Photo Challenge Day 5

Today my husband is celebrating his 30th Birthday. I guess you could say the real celebrating part is going to happen this weekend since he is working all day today. But I always want him to know how much I care so I planned a quite, realizing evening with just me and the "girls". Which for those of you who don't know, the "girls" means our Mastiff Heidi and 2 Chihuahua's Daisy & MacKenzie. I hope he wishes for the same thing I did on my birthday... I'll keep you posted if it comes true soon!

Being in the normal fashion which I have been in.. which is late.  I waited till the last minute to get the "Rauch" tradition Heidi's Cake.  So we ended up with one that day pink and blue roses on it. hehe.  Please god tell me it's a sign for what is yet to come.

I find myself in anticipation for tomorrow as well.  I have another appointment with my doctors office in Hoffman Estates.  I will be having the "usual", which basically means bloodwork and ultrasound. 

My mother was watching TV this morning and the Today show was featuring Fox News Anchor, Alisyn Camerota.  Like me, she suffered from Infertility.  For a long time she kept is a secret.  Since I am still dealing with infertility, I have discovered how supporting it can feel to talk about it.  It helps to hear other people's stories who have or are going through the same things as myself.

If you missed the special on the Today show, you can catch it here:

I can't forget Photo Challenge Day Five - A picture of your favorite memory

I'd say this ones goes to the day I met Ms. Adrienne.  We were both brides-to-be and sharing that bond we met on Project Wedding.  It's a place brides can go to share anything & everything having to do with your wedding.  

I have found myself another life long friend.

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  1. Awwwww! That's ME!!!! :) :) :)
    I totally smiled at this! I love you so much!!!!!!!!! My times with you are never enough! But always fun and always cherished!


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