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Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo Challenge Day Two

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Photo taken by RB Photography

It's really not a single person which I have been the closet with the longest.  It's 2 people.  Which is very fitting with this being day two.  My parents have been by my side through every moment I can possibly remember in my life.  I am so blessed to have two parents who could not love me more. 
They have given me and my siblings a perfect childhood, and didn't stop there.  They are still here to support us all through life's up's and down's.  I can remember all the family camping trips we took, all of the trips my mother took us to the community pool, all of the cross country and track meets my dad made it to... I am blessed!


  1. I am loving seeing your pictures! What a great idea!

  2. Thank you! It feels good to take a break from my emotions and enjoy life a bit again.

  3. I seen this challenge done before, it's really fun to read!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your parents sounds amazing. You're lucky to have them for sure :)

  4. Oh, and I forgot to add, I think you should definitely give acupuncture and yoga a try, it has seriously helped me so much. Mentally and physically...


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