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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Snowman's Melting

I like to act like I have it all together.  Like everything is going exactly as I planned.  Exactly as I dreamed.  Truth is it doesn't always.  Tonight is one of those nights.  The nights which hit me like a sack of bricks.  I find myself crying for no reason.  But is infertility really no reason?

Some think I'm crazy for loving the snow.  I think people are crazy for not taking the time to enjoy what snow brings.  No matter how quick you try to keep going time just slows down.

I just pray my dreams of starting a family don't end up like this.

Tonight's post is full of prayers.  Prayers that I don't have to stay on this journey much longer.  My heart aches more and more.  As my mom says, "I was on a hill, and tonight I am having a valley moment." 

Please family & friend's pull me out.


  1. aw kait!! I'm so sorry you are going through this. God is preparing you - have faith my sweet friend.

  2. I had many times when I felt like you do. I felt like when I prayed for guidance, all I got is a busy signal. But I know now that God was just asking us to wait and see what He had prepared for us!!

  3. Prayers sent your way as you tackle the mountains in your life. Enjoy ALL the views! I wish you a short, strength building hike to parenthood with clear sunny mountaintops, full of breathtaking wonder, at the top.


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