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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bon Jovi Concert & Day Eighteen

photoYesterday I spent the day in the Windy City.  It was a gloomy day, but those are some of my favorite days.  They are good days to lay in bed and watch lifetime movies all day to.  They are even better for the picture perfect background for a photoshoot.  And yesterday, it was a perfect day to spend with my older sister and mom.  My older sister lives in Chicago and since we would be out that way for a concert later that night, we decided to make a day of it.

I found a new route, I-55 from our house is amazingly fast and traffic was not so bad in the late morning hours and late evening on our way home.  Anyone who is traveling from Yorkville area to Chicago should take that route.

Once in Chicago, we had fun scoping out the new decor my sister has added to her cozy 1 bedroom apartment.  She has made it her own!!  Can I saw the girl has amazing style.  We all love out flea market and thrift store finds.

(How Amazing is this Chandelier?  She works at Anthropologie and gets amazing deals on amazing things like this!!)

We headed to The Boundary for a late lunch.  It was very quite at this time in the afternoon, but it was a perfect atmosphere for us to catch up on girl stuff.  We sat in a cozy booth next to a fire.  I recommend this place if your ever in the city and craving some spicy fish tacos.

We had to end things up with Liz, so we could make it to the Bon Jovi concert.  My best friend, Adrienne's mom had helped me get a pair of tickets for the concert.  I have always loved his music but never been to one of his concerts.  I can honestly say it is one of the best I have been to.  His energy and voice are out of this world. 

Here are some pictures and the Setlist from last night.  The pictures go with the song above it.

Bon Jovi was like an energizer bunny!  So amazing to watch.

1. Livin' on a Prayer

2. You Give Love a Bad Name

3. Born to Be My Baby

4. We Weren't Born to Follow

5. Lost Highway

6. Blaze of Glory

7. It's My Life

8. Runaway

9. The More Things Change

10.  We Got It Goin' On

11. Bad Medicine/Hot Legs

12. Lay Your Hands on Me (Richie Vox)

13. Bed of Roses

14. Diamond Ring

15. I'll Be There For You

16. Love For Sale

17. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

18. Who Says You Can't Go Home

19. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

20. Work for the Working Man

21. Have a Nice Day

22. Keep the Faith


23. Dry County

24. Wanted Dead or Alive

25. In These Arms

26. Always

I will leave you with my Photo Challenge picture from today.

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity

(Photography courtesy of Studio by Carmen.)



  1. First, I love your new blog look!! And I'm glad you had a great time with your sister at the concert- the pictures look amazing!

  2. Wow, amazing pictures. Looks like a fantastic concert!!

  3. The photos of the concert are AMAZING!!!!!!
    <3 you, Bestie!


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