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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's a Jungle out there!!

Today I went to the Zoo with my In-Laws.... and a bunch of cutie pie nephews (nephew to-be).  My father in-law was lucky enough to carry our food cooler to the entrance where we rented a wagon. 

He deserves an award,  We packed that thing full!!!  It was supposed to be a rainy day, Instead it was gorgeous!

Yes we did see Lions, Tigers and Bears!!!

It was supposed to rain, but we lucked out and it was a gorgeous day.  We all laughed so much at the fact we seems to be stopping more to eat than seeing the animals!!! I was craving my burgers like normal!!

Ethan was able to get a dolphin to swim right up to his hand while viewing them.  Last time he was at the zoo, he got the Big Lion to walk up the glass.  His mother says, animals are atracked to him!! I agree.

Veronica and her little man, Simone posed for this cute picture!!

I tried many times to get a picture of all the boys looking at me!!

My pregnancy symptoms kicked into High Gear as we neared the Monkey House.  Outside of it, I could start to smell them but though I'd be fine.. Below is my sister in-law Julie, with one of her boys Owen.  Paparazzi Kait was taking pictures all day!! I had to get one of us "climbing" in the rain forest.

Once inside the first set of doors, I knew I would not last.  My sense of smell is so intense, I had to sprint through the house.  Of course, I shot a few pictures on the way.

There was babies!!!

And a baby bottle that some how made it's way into the Jungle!! 

It seemed to make quite a commotion.

The cutest couple reward??

There always has to be one grouchy pants at the zoo!  This one seemed to be it, he was pouting in a corner in the bottom.  He actually looked VERY scary.

After seeing that face, I was glad to run out the exit!!  Before I got nauseous too!!

The boys were easy to take single pictures of, and candid too!

Simone was a Snail eating a apple, and Ethan was a silly Lizard!  While Owen was happy just posing on the Frog, and Jake was the cutest Owl.

We found a baby Goose.  I was so excited!!!

Sassy little thing already!!

We saw so many animals, I got pictures of them all!  And even caught 2 giraffe's making babies! OMG!  That was interesting.  I have NO idea what the 3rd on was doing.

We also saw the laziest Rhino.  He couldn't even hold his head up while he ate.  I am also pretty sure that was poop on his horn! Ewwwww.  Did you know they all will spray urine at you to mark their territory. I saw one do it and ran out so fast!!!

Jane managed to get a group shot of all us kids... The boys were making silly faces for all of them of course.

Less than 1 week until I find out how many babies are in my belly, What do you think?  1 or more??

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  1. Awesome this post and beautiful all pics . pretty your looking and cute kids. Good Family


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