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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stroller Frenzie!!! Opinions needed please.

Expecting twins has made stroller shopping pretty hard for me.  I want to be able to have one which will fit a standard doorway if I am by myself and need to take the babies somewhere, but also would love a side by side jogger for more terrain places.  It would be even more perfect if it would last for a long time.

After months of reading reviews, watching videos on "how to" for each stroller I am interested in, I have narrowed it down to these.... I want them all!   Also what colors do you like best for Boy/Girl twins, and to go with this carseat?

1. Bumbleride Indie Twin

I have been obsessed with this one since I first laid eyes on it!  I hate the price tag but love the look and options it gives you.

Biggest Cons:
You can only have 1 infant seat in at a time. **But if you get the bassinets and have 2 in at once, or 1 infant carrier and 1 bassinet.

You can see more reviews, and a video here.

Color Options:

Pricing: $679.99, Plus accessories: Possible 2 bassinet $139.99 each, I would love the Snack packs too, but don't need them.

2. Britax B- Ready

I love that it has over 14 Configurations, including holding 2 infant carriers at the same time.  Another amazing deal right now is a current promo...

I am getting 2 of the Britax Cowmooflauge Infant Car Seats, so this would get me one ($230.00 value) free!!!

Color Options:

Pricing: $499.00, Plus accessories: Lower Infant Carseat Adapter $79.99,  (Future) 2nd Seat $149.99

3. Baby Trend Double Snap n Go

This would really only last me until they are out of car seats.. Maybe a bit less?

Pricing: $99.00

4. Baby Jogger City Mini Double

Biggest Cons:
You can only have 1 infant seat in at a time
Small storage

Color Options:

Pricing: $429.00, Plus accessories: Double Infant Carseat Adapter $89.99 (Only works for one)


  1. Oh my gosh- I do not envy you at all trying to make this decision!!! it was hard enough for me to pick a single stroller for my baby!!

  2. Wow, so many options!!! Although I can't really give any advice, I just wanted you to know that I'm so excited for you! Thanks for your support recently xo


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