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Sunday, October 2, 2011

27 Weeks

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of babies: Still my little Eggplant's

Although, at my appt on Monday with my High Risk Doctor, I was able to get approximate sizes of the twins.  They are thinking the boy was about 2 pounds, and the girl was a bit smaller at 1 pound 14 ounces.  I am getting so excited to meet them, but want them to "cook" a bit longer!!

Sleep: I am up often still at night, but I have started going to bed earlier so that I can try to get as much rest as I can.

Best moment of the previous week: Daddy-to-be getting a rain day and finally being able to see the twins on an ultrasound.  It was too cute, he was trying to move his chair to get a good view at the screen, so we let him know the HUGE flat screen in front was for that! Loved watching him look at them move around, which the Doctor says they are VERY active babies.  Joe also had lot's of questions... it was some I had never even thought of.

The rest of the day was perfect too, we got to have lunch and relax the rest of the day.  Another great moment, was our date night on Saturday... Dinner and a movie, turned into Dinner and Ice Cream! Yum!!

Movement: Wild children!  Earlier today, for Football sunday, I wrote on my facebook, "Feels likke the twins are having their own football game in my belly"

Symptoms: Swelling on and off, Sleepy... I had a bit of a scare on Sunday, I got a really bad pain for about 5 mintues while grocery shopping alone and thought I was going to have to wait till Joe could come to me.... Thankfully it went away and I could finish up and get home.  Oh another thing, I cry alot! lol

Food cravings/aversions: This week is Noodles & Co.'s Mac and Cheese.  So glad I got to fulfill it!!

What I miss: Having more energy, I had to cut a shopping trip short because I was so exhausted. I also feel like it messes up plans I make.. I think I will have enough energy and then when it comes time, I am too tired to do what I planned.  I hope everyone understands this!

What I am looking forward to: Getting their room finished... Soon I hope!

Weekly wisdom: Baby brain = Not much wisdom this week. haha

Belly Pic:


  1. I love seeing that growing belly Kait!! And I love that Joe got to see the twins on u/s- how sweet!

  2. Did I tell you that my daughter is 27 weeks also! She is having a boy! So happy for you! :)


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