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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Helping Time Pass

It's days like today I feel so lucky to have so many people in my life who care about me. 

My Mom & Dad came over today.  Joe helped my Dad install the cable in our kitchen.  Something I've been hassling my poor husband about for too many times.  They tacked it in such a short time together.  I think Joe was super happy to have another thing crossed off the Hunny Do List.

I made the boys a Ham for lunch.  My dad wanted to get home and relax for the rest of the day, so he headed out shortly after the project was accomplished.  Joe stayed home and watched the Bears game.  My mom and I set off to Sandwich for some Antiquing.

We went to a new place.  Prindi's Antique Mall.  What an amazing new place!!!  Rooms and Halls full of items.

It really is amazing all of the treasures a person can find.  I have always thought that someone elses trash was someone elses treasure. I know a bit goofy when you really think about it.

My mom and I found many cute things.  There was a few items that really stuck out, Like the precious white rocking chair.... for a little child.  A gorgeous white distressed dresser that would make an adorable changing station.  All of these items felt like signs.  Would tomorrow's appointment throw me for a loop and prove me wrong finally?

We headed over to the Old Timers Antique Center, it's one of our favorites.  While rummaging through the basement we found a damn near identical table to one I had fell in love with at Prindi's.  There was also items I have never seen before.  A purple mason jar, wait more than 1 purple Mason jar!! Who knew there was such a thing!

The day was finished with my mom making us a home cooked meal! How spoiled was I this weekend?  She made her mom's swedish meatballs. 

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