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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today was such an amazing day.  Gorgeous sunrise, gorgeous weather, and my first IUI!!

Even though the day started out early and I didn't get much sleep, because of anticipation for today's appointment, it went perfect!  You can read about the procedure, IUI (intra-uterine insemination), and hear about people's experiences with it, but to really do it yourself... It's indescribable.

In route to Chicago, I enjoyed my breakfast of champions!  A carrot cupcake from The Latest Crave, and some fresh strawberries.  Can we say yum!!

We made quick time, and didn't hit much traffic.  Hello Chicago!!

We even found quick parking, with the huge garage for the 900 N. Kingsbury location.  Then the hunt was on for the office.

The office was hidden along the most peaceful riverwalk.

The office was decorated very nice, I loved these photos that welcomed us. I think they can really be interrupted in many different ways. I look at them as, life. New life... with help from the Fertility Centers of Illinois. What do you see in them?

Once we were all checked in.  We waited in a room filled with people, it was so busy.  But truth be told, your "cycle" doesn't always hold off for the weekdays.  Unfortunately, due to the location, we had to get the goods at the office.  We were lead to a Collection room.

Yes, they really are called that!  We couldn't help but giggle at the set-up inside, a TV with DVD player.  We were not sure how to take the artwork.  I wondered who picked it!

What fun would the TV be without a source of entertainment!  Not to worry, there is magazines if you'd perfer.  he he  What a way to make it romantic!
A nice comfy chair! 
And some lovely containers!!! 
After you are done, you have to wait around for about 1 and 1/2 hours.  They "wash" the sperm and get it ready to insemination.  To kill some time, we walked to a local coffee shop.  The hubby loves his coffee.  
The procedure itself was pretty quick.  We have great odds, my husbands sperm count was in the 93 percentile.  They like it to be over 50%, so we were golden!  We also had 6 follicles ready for ovulation, as of Friday.  That part makes me a bit nervous, we had to sign consents for things like this.  There is the possibility of too many eggs taking, and then you are advised to have a reduction.  Reduction = abortion in my eyes.  I could never even imagine such a thing!  For as long as I can remember I have been against it.  So fingers crossed, for a good outcome with all of this... I don't know I could make that decision if it comes.
Tomorrow we will be headed to my normal office for a 2nd IUI.  Wish us luck!!!


  1. Good luck! I'm glad everything went well with the first IUI!

    I could never abort my eggs either. Hopefully you do not get 6 fertilized eggs in there and don't have to worry about it!

  2. I LOVE that you took pictures throughout the day. When your baby(ies!) are old enough, you can show them pictures from the day they were conceived :)

    So glad everything went well. With 6 follicles, 2 IUI's and great sperm, you certainly have all your bases covered!!!

  3. As usual, I love all the pictures!! Good luck I hope this is the month for you!!

  4. You're hilarious! :)

    I love the "Collection Room" minus the.. umm..you know :) LOL! I need a chair like that!

  5. So excited and can't even imagine the emotions/feelings you two have been going through the last 48 hrs. Now more waiting. Treat you body with care Kait. So praying and hoping that all will go well. God will see that you two are so ready for him to bless your lives in the most amazing way. I'm praying for you both. Hear our prayers Lord.

  6. Thanks for sharing I think? The cupcake from The Latest Crave, I guess was allowed since it was carrot. You Poor thing. Everything you have to go through:( You took your prenatal vitamin with that right?? Now, the collection room, honestly, alittle awkward. But the hubs gotta do what he's gotta do. Come on little follicles, cooperate! Praying this makes that dream a reality soon. Love you both!!


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