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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today all the daughters, sons, mothers, grandchildren and fathers are recognizing the Mothers. 

Today is Mother's day.

We spent the day with my In-laws since we will be with my parents and family next weekend for my little sister's graduation.  I still hate not being able to do everything or see everyone on the days we'd like too.  It's so hard.

My brother-in-law managed to find one of the cutest cards for Jane. Ha ha, gotta love it.  He was doing the usual fishing charters which used to keep my hubby busy on weekends often too.  The boys love their fishing, and love it even more when they are making money at it.

We spent most of the day outside.  Even managed to find a bunny nest!  They were so cute, I had to sneak a peek.

I was a bit under the weather today, but still had to take my normal paparazzi pictures! 

How cute is my nephew in his new glasses!?!

We spent most of the day outside, but also went inside for some yummy food.  We were even surprised with a cake to celebrate our pregnancy... the Twin Blessings!

What a perfect 1st Mother's day.

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