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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Little Graduate!

Today my little sister did one more thing to make me jealous! haha No really, I am so proud of her, she graduated at NIU.

Congrats Baby Sister!!!

My husband thinks it's cute to be silly for basically every photo.  I think he was mocking my pose. :)

What's a celebration without good food? :)  Love Niko's.  We had our rehearsal dinner there thanks to my awesome parents!

It's a tradition to have a Heidi's cake for celebrations.  If you are in the Geneva, IL area, I recommend trying their cakes!

Of course my gift to Allee was the first ultrasound picture of the Twins. I have been seeing my Doctor weekly to make sure they are progressing well.  Which they are,  Wednesday was an amazing day, I got to see the heartbeats.  I am counting down the hours until I get to see them again on the "Big Screen"


  1. Congrats !!! Beautiful all pics and pretty look. perfect posting for Graduate and nice your idea .thanks

  2. Congrats to your sister!! And I am very happy to hear the twins are doing well :)

  3. So happy for Allee. Such an accomplishment. Now, the real world, no more school girl. Thanks for being our little photographer Kait, only next time tell me to fix my hair:( Yeesh!! What a cold and windy day we had. Enjoyed cozy Nikos, as I always do. Family, good food and a Heidi's cake to end the day.


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