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Sunday, June 12, 2011

11-12 weeks

I want to remember every moment of my pregnancy.  Everyday I am reminded how blessed I am to have gotten this far with my fertility treatments.  I can hardly wait till the moment I can hold them in my arms.  This is the beginning of documenting my pregnancy.  I am going to try to give my weekly updates.

How far along: 11-12 weeks

Size of babies: They are now comparable in size to plums!  Your baby's favorite game right now is exploring their face and especially their mouth.  ot only does this game improve your child's newly acquired voluntary muscle coordination of their limbs, but it also starts hard-wiring their hand nerves for newly gained sensations as they're now able to experience in their hands, because their palms can now "feel"!  Extensive facial exploration also primes their facial nerves by setting the stage for a lifetime of subtle sensations from kissing to spitting!

Maternity clothes: I have not gone and bought any yet.  I am wearing lots of cute sundresses and legging for my work attire since my black pants all fit but feel tight on my lower tummy.  I don't want to smoosh the babies!!  A co-worker gave me some of her Belly bands to wear with my pants, Holy Amazing!  Who knew they made such a thing.

Sleep: I sleep through most of the night, except to randomly wake up early for a poty break.  I have to pee so often. :)

Best moment of the previous week: Believe it or not, I alcturally don't mind getting sick.   It reminds me that my babies are inside me, and preparing my body for them.

Movement: Non yet.  I can hardley wait for it to begin.

Symptoms: I am starting to get my energy back.  I have been very tired in the past few weeks, so it feels good to have some of that back.  I am realizing how important it is to go on walks, and try to stay fit so early in my pregnancy.

Food cravings/aversions: Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries!  I can not get enough of them!!

Genders: Too early to know.

Belly button in or out: Still in

Stretch marks: None

What I miss: Not wanting to eat everything I hear people talk about or see. haha Torture I tell you, it's like they can hear you and make you want it too.

What I am looking forward to: My OB appt on the 20th, and seeing the High Risk specialist for the first time on the 23rd, I can hardly wait to learn more about my babies.

Weekly wisdom: There are so many things to buy... Start early! ;)

Belly Pic:

My husband and I spent the date relaxing, he loves to fish so we headed to a local Park which has many fishing ponds.  He loves to make faces when I take pictures!! haha

The fish were not biting, but there was 2 little bass that loves to come up to the edge and taunt us.  I was wondering if it was a preview of how the twins will be together... mischevious?

We headed home and I had to take some pictures of what my little babies were like right now.  I love how they turned out! 

Heidi had to get in on the pictures too!


  1. Yay for baby updates :) I love your pictures!! Glad you're doing great!

  2. Kait your pictures are soo cute!! I love them too!


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