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Monday, June 20, 2011

A gymnast & a fisherman/woman??

I passed my 12 week mark on Sunday and had a follow up appointment with my ob today.  I was super excited to learn that I would be able to see them on the ultrasound again today!!  He wanted to check on the heartbeats, which they were great.

Then it was pretty funny to see what the smaller baby was up to... it would not stop doing somersaults.  It was so entertaining to watch, I could hardly stop laughing.  Our other baby was just chilling out upside down underneath the energetic sibling!

I wish it was a better picture, You can see the larger one chilling out on the bottom upside down, and the other baby is doing crazy flips so we are only getting a glimps of the head of butt! ha ha

Last weekend  I found myself meeting up with the bestie for a day of window shopping, it is pretty funny to me now, how I kept thinking about how I would fit strollers through the aisles in the stores I loved!  I mean mama plans on taking her babies shopping. 

I would love to hear recommendations on double strollers.

I have been very in love with the Bumbleride Indie Twin.  If you have not seen them, you have got to check it out here.  I think the add on Carry Cots are super cute too!! :)

What color do you like best?

I can hardly wait until the day I can find out the sexes, and then start picking out the perfect things for them!! 

Hope you all are having a great week, New bump pictures and updates coming soon!


  1. so exciting!!! i can so see the two babies!!!

  2. So happy you got to see your babies!! And that stroller is something else!! You are going to be rocking it while shopping :)

  3. Kait!

    The very best of luck! I'll be viewing with interest!



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